I always find puzzle games fascinating and entertaining as well, the constant process of solving various challenges is really fun. There are tons of puzzle games out there, but there are some iconic games that we all know and love. One of these iconic puzzle games is Mahjong. However, we don’t have a classic version of the game on our site, we have edited one which is really unique and interesting – Mahjong Titans.

About the game
Just like in the original version of the game, find two similar tiles, click them in the right order and they will disappear. Once all of the tiles disappear level is considered as completed. It sounds pretty simple and easy and some of you might even think that objective is way too easy or primitive, don’t rush with your decisions guys, matching similar tiles gets far more complicated and hard at higher levels.

Piles over piles
There are really a lot of piles in the game, with various symbols and pictures on them. In higher levels when you clear the top layer of tiles often new ones appear from beneath. By the way, there are like 144 different tiles in this game, yeah, a pretty big number and you have to find the suitable one in this pile.

Benefits of the game
Wait, what? Benefits? I had no idea games had any… Well, they do and these benefits are quite noticeable. You see when you play games that require from your constant thinking process or concentration you train your brain. Yout teach your brain to analyze various situations as fast as possible, you train it to find new ways of solving various challenges, you improve your concentration skills, etc.

The effect of these benefits is especially noticeable when you play puzzle games, this is why I appreciate and value Mahjong Titans so much. Not only it is fun and interesting, but it also offers real-life benefits.

Other versions
The game is really popular, a lot of people play it on daily basis in order to skip boredom it is no surprise that it has various different modes apart from the classic one. You can find tons of different versions on the web if you want to, but for me, this one is the best for countless reasons.

Mobile version
You can also play the mobile version of the game as well, we got download links below. The app is completely free and is supported for all major platforms. Hit that download button and start playing from your phone as well.

Video guide
Here is a detailed video guide from YouTube, it explains the basics of the game as well as some interesting tips and ideas regarding Mahjong Titans. How to plan your move, how to find easy ways, etc.

This is a classic puzzle game with a new approach, I know that there are tons of different modes but there is something special about Titans edition, maybe it is a cozy sound atmosphere, graphics, or other things but the fact is that game is really enjoyable, especially if you play it after a long hard day at work.

Scroll up, hit that play button, and start your challenge!